Care On Time

a mobile assistent for care takers


Across the country, community-care providers are working to support older people living in their homes. With their limited mobvility and access to the community, these older people are reliant on their service providers to provide a wide range of support from clinical services to general help at home to social outings or even just sitting and having a chat. For people with such a strong reliance on these service providers, not knowing who is coming to visit and when can create high levels of anxiety for the person waiting at home alone.


Care on Time allows customers living in the community to see who will be coming to visit them and when by providing access to their booking schedule as well as real-time updates on when their carer is going to arrive.

  • Tracks the GPS location of carers using their phones and automatically alerts customers if a carer is going to be late based on their location and traffic events on their route to the customer's home;
  • Pulls information from existing scheduling system to make it easily accessible for all users;
  • Provides the carer with their daily schedule;
  • Helps customers to check their upcoming schedule by using an application;
  • Allows customers to ask Google Assist when their carer is going to arrive as well as make change to their bookings.

This project accomplished the second prize of the NewFutures Health Care Hackathon. We are proud to share ideas with the Australian health care industry and thankful for the support and insights we were able to gain.

You can find a short demo of the apps speech assistent in the demo video below. Please, excuse the low voice quality :-)