Currently, I am working as Tutor at the Institute for Executive Informatics and Formal Description Methods (AIFB, KIT). Therefore, preparing lessons and teaching students is part of my everyday business. To finance my studies I am working as a freelancer as well. I develop websites for privaters and small businesses, and from time to time, I moderate small to large tech events (lately together with EnBW). Every now and than, I gain some experience in Web Automation, Business Analytics, Machine Intelligence, Project Management etc. However, I love to master challenges and to force myself out of comfort zones (of course, who doesn't?).

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At the moment I am studying Industrial Engineering and Management at Karlsruhe University of Technology (7th semester - hopefully finished in July'19). In November, I began to write my Bachelors Thesis about the correlation between asset prices and parameters of container shipping industry. The parameters were gained by the analysis of satellite images with machine learning algorithms, detecting and counting ships in Unterelbe area (almost done!!!). I write this thesis at the Institute for Computational Risk and Asset Management. Also, I very enjoyed the time abroad during spring/summer 2018 at University of NewCastle, NSW, Australia, and I am looking forward so much to start my next adventure in Montreal, Canada, where I will do some research about "Artificial Intelligence in Legal Domains" from May to July'19.


Social Engagement and Hobbies

Next to performing various activities like scuba diving, playing football and weight lifting, I am an active member of
"Stiftung Wissen+Kompetenzen" and "PionierGarage e.V.". In winter 17/18 I was Managing Director of PionierGarage and Project Coordinator of "GROW - Gründungswettbewerb".
In Australia my team and I organized the "Cheap Chewsday - Germany" in May 2018. It's a subsidized cooking event where we cooked German dinner and brought German culture to about 220 people! Since January '19, I am proud to call myself member of Enactus Karlsruhe, a student society sharing the believe that investing in students who take entrepreneurial action for others will will create a better world for us all.

Projects and Passions: A Personal Blog?

Are you interested in what I am interested? Watch through!

Note: I am sorry! Not all articles are written yet due to work, studies and bla :)

  • 3D object detection

    Within a time span of 24h, we rocked the autonmshck organized by Daimler and PionierGarage by applying state-of-the-art machine learning models onto 3D LiDAR point clouds and using the results to design a mobile applicaiton future Daimler customers.

    Nov 18 Karlsruhe Hackathon Daimler Autonomous Driving
  • Digital Change Summit

    At the Handelsblatt Digital Change Summit, top level managers of Daimler, Deutsche Bank and Signal Iduna discussed about challanges and opportunities of actuall change processes in German econimy caused by digitalization.

    Nov 18 Handelsblatt Digital Change Panel Discussion Frankfurt am Main
  • Care On Time

    During an hackathon organized by the University of Newcastle, Australia, my team developed a costumer oriented, mobile application that aims to make the lifes of millions of care takers more convenient every day.

    July 18 NSW, Australia University of Newcastle Health Care Hackathon
  • Programming Websites

    Programming websites and contact to costumers are a lot of fun and a posibility to earn some money while studying. You like to see an example besides this website?
    Here you go

    May 16 Website Business
  • GROW-Gründungswettbewerb

    To be responsible for the organisation of the biggest entrepreneurship contest in Germany that is organized by students was a lot of work but honor. 18 teams accepted the challenge but only the best could win prices of more than 8000€

    Here you will find all you need to know. Next GROW takes place in winter 2018.

  • Managing Director at PionierGarage e.V.

    PionierGarage e.V. is the entrepreneurship student club of Karlsruher Institut of Technologie. By joining them I became highly interested in founding my own company. Since then, I started to work on projects to follow my aim to change something.
    If you are interested in entrepreneurship
    just follow the Link to PionierGarage.

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